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With this simple and effective piece of software, you can disable the automatic ejection of all CD and DVD drives from your computer

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Auto Eject Disabler is a lightweight and easy to handle application whose main function is to help you turn off the auto-ejection feature from your PC, enabling you to decide when you are done with a disc from your CD or DVD drive.

No installation needed

Subsequent to downloading the archive, you can decompress it and run the executable right away, as it is not necessary to install it on your system for it to work.

As a consequence, you can easily store the program on a portable memory device, for instance a USB stick, and run it on all compatible computers without having to wait around for it to install.

While it may not require installation, Auto Eject Disabler does need you to restart your system for the changes to take effect, both when deactivating and activating the feature.

One button press away from stopping auto-eject

The interface of Auto Eject Disabler is made up of a single, non-adjustable window, displaying the ‘Enable / Disable’ button, while also displaying its current status.

The utility features no additional windows or settings, and it is not able to run in the notification area, so closing it will stop it from running. This means that you need to re-launch the tool every time you want to change the status of the auto-ejection function.

Auto Eject Disabler is specifically targeted at people who are tired of their CD or DVD drives automatically expelling your disc, particularly when you have not finished working with it. In addition, the sudden ejection can prove rather distracting, especially when you are focused on something else.

Handy tool for preventing disc auto-ejection

To summarize, Auto Eject Disabler is an intuitive piece of software which can assist you in deactivating the automatic ejection of your disc drives, allowing you to manually expel them whenever you want.

Auto Eject Disabler was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on May 5th, 2014
Auto Eject Disabler - Auto Eject Disabler is a simple tool that can help you deactivate the automatic ejection of CD or DVD drives.

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