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A specialized piece of software that can be used by all computer experts who want to look for errors in their AwardBIOS and fix them

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BIOS Patcher has been created to offer the user the possibility to scan ROM files in order to check for known errors and fix them.

The application is compatible with Award BIOS types and, according to the developer, the tool can be used to add or unlock features that have been restricted by the manufacturer of the motherboard.

No installation required

In order to launch the tool all you need to do is extract the content of the downloaded archive and load the executable file in the command-prompt.

Even if it is a console-based application, working with it is not too difficult; but given the nature of its purpose and the areas it targets, it is recommended to be handled by advanced users that have solid knowledge about the effects of making BIOS changes.

Check out the syntax and options

The command-prompt screen shows the syntax of the program along with the supported options. To make things easier on the user the developer provides a couple of examples, too.

Among the parameters available there is the possibility to add a CPU name manually, to disable the deletion of temporary files as well as to access the help screen.

More complicated is selecting the items that need to be patched or adding certain options to some VIA motherboards. Also, the application allows the user to add RAM-tweaking functionality.

Outdated BIOS tweaking utility

BIOS Patcher is designed to work with certain BIOS types that have released a long time ago and went through various changes.

However, it can still be relevant to systems with older generations of motherboards, but it requires advanced knowledge in order to prevent unwanted events from happening.

BIOS Patcher was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on June 6th, 2014
BIOS Patcher

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