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A battery power management utility specifically designed for Samsung laptops, aiming to provide a secure way to extend the battery life

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Battery Life Extender is a useful application for the users that own a Samsung laptop and want to optimize the battery usage. This optimization allows you to save money by postponing the purchase of a replacement.

There are a lot of methods that you can apply in order to extend the life of your battery. You can reduce the laptop power needs, charge it regularly or use the Windows power saving options to create an optimized profile.

While all of the above are useful and efficient tips, most of them are related with the laptop power consumption and require a planned action from the user. This program presents you with an easy to use solution that requires minimal effort and directly applies to the battery.

The approach is based on the fact that fully discharging and overcharging the battery can have an ageing effect which reduces the number of discharge cycles. It allows you to prevent the charge level from exceeding eighty percent when the charger is permanently connected to the laptop.

This tool is recommended for the laptops that are used in a fixed location and are permanently connected to their charger. If you need to use the laptop away from your desk you can disable the Life Extender mode and let the battery level reach 100% for maximum usage time.

While it is easy to use and only allows you to control the charge level, this tool can have a positive impact on the laptop battery. It can run in background and has no impact on the laptop performance.

This charge level management tool is a convenient way to make sure that your battery never overcharges in order to maximize its lifetime.

Battery Life Extender was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on February 19th, 2013
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