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Simple alternative for enriching the context menu with entries that could allow quick access to specific locations or to various programs

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There are many ways to customize Windows, some of them being on the productive side of things. CMenuEdit is created to offer a simple way to enhance the right-click menu in the shell.

Quick and easy installation process

Getting the application on the system is an easy task that does not require you to go through the routine installation procedure. Simply extract the contents of the archive and run the “install.bat” file with administrative privileges.

A command-line window pops up informing if the process completely successfully or not. Removing the application is carried out the same way using the “uninstall.bat” file.

Unusual interface

CMenuEdit does not come with its own interface, instead it integrates as a tab in the Properties panel of a file or folder where all the necessary settings can be done.

According to the developer, it allows creating a new entry in the context menu as well as creating a more complex structure, with sub-menus. The modifications operated here should be visible in the context menu.

The list of options includes the possibility to add separators between the menus, for better organization. Also, each entry can be customized in terms of the name and description and they can be assigned an icon and an action.


We failed to see CMenuEdit’s productivity improvement potential because the application did not work during our tests on 64-bit Windows 8 and 7. However, a functional application should provide the user a quick way to install useful entries in the context menu, such as commands for launching other programs without having to navigate to complicated paths.

CMenuEdit was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 11th, 2014
CMenuEdit - This is the entry that CMenuEdit will add to your Properties window.CMenuEdit - screenshot #2CMenuEdit - screenshot #3

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