Dialog Box Assistant

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Helps you to deal with the standard Open and Save As dialog boxes





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Dialog Box Assistant greatly speeds up access to your data.

It extends the standard Windows Open and Save dialog boxes with two additional buttons: one for the list of the recently used folders, another for the recent files.

Even in the Microsoft Office(c) programs. Dialog Box Assistant remember the size of the file dialog size and the style of the file list.

And maintains list of recently used folders and files in every program.

Also you can open your favorite folders using screen menu, available by pressing the hot keys.
Last updated on February 21st, 2005
Dialog Box Assistant - The main window of options enables you to adjust the general settings to your desires.Dialog Box Assistant - The Application Options tab will let you see an application list and to add some exclusions.Dialog Box Assistant - The Exclusion list window will enables you yo select the applications that you want to exclude.

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