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A tool addressed only to GYGABYTE motherboard owners who are seeking to obtain a significant improvement insofar as the power usage is concerned

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Decreasing the energy consumption on desktop PCs and especially on a notebooks is something many users may be looking for. Many independent utilities are available for this purpose and some manufacturers have gone as far as to implement power saving functions into hardware devices.

This is the case with GYGABYTE motherboards, which combine innovative components with software solutions to help users get closer to their goals and achieve impressive energy savings. The application in charge with this goes by the name of Dynamic Energy Saver and is packed with features for optimizing the power consumption of several system components.

From the nice looking main window of this tool users can monitor the parameters and watch live data concerning the amount of power required by the processor, as well as how much energy was saved since the program was started.

The advanced control panel features the necessary commands for adjusting some basic parameters so that the computer will run smoothly, but without requiring as much energy as before the tweaks. Most of the adjustments are safe to tinker with and regular users should have no problems in working with it.

Dynamic Energy Saver offers several voltage levels for the CPU and a couple of switches for turning on or off the low power state and the throttling features. The chipset voltage can also be left in the care of this tool and it will optimize it automatically.

In order to reduce the consumption as much as possible, users have the opportunity to configure the time interval for the monitor and hard disks to be switched off. Also, the memory and fan control options can prove helpful as well.

All in all, Dynamic Energy Saver provides a decent set of functions and, most importantly, doesn't require in-depth configurations, which makes it accessible to a larger number of users. Those who want complete control over every system component will have to look somewhere else because this tool only offers a set of basic features.

Dynamic Energy Saver 2 was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 13th, 2014
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