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Hide windows, hide programs, minimize windows, close browsers using bosskey





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Hide Any Window is easy to use software for hiding windows and running programs without closing them. Using Hide Any Window you can easily hide/show certain windows or programs by pressing hotkeys combinations.

You can determine special rules for any window or program you want to hide/show - just make the list of windows or programs you want to hide. If you need, you can modify "Hide windows" list later- add new windows, modify or delete existing windows.

Hide Any Window is the best solution if you don't want others to see what you are doing in your browsers, what programs you are running and you need quickly hide one or several windows or programs. With Hide Any Window you don't need to worry about being caught by your boss when your play computer games on your workplace or by your girlfriend, wife or children when you visit adult web sites.

You can hide any window or running program in seconds - just press the necessary hotkey combination and windows and programs you want to keep private will be hidden - nobody could see them on your desktop, in Task bar and even in Task Manager. If you need to show these windows again, simply use special hotkey combination for showing hidden windows and you will be able to continue playing, surfing, etc.

Using Hide Any Window you can select to close browser windows (not only hide). Hide Any Window also provides an easy way to escape clutter on your desktop - you can easily minimize all windows.

Looking for a fast and easy manner to hide windows and programs, try Hide Any Window!
Last updated on November 3rd, 2010
Hide Any Window - Hide Any Window will help you quickly and easily hide windows, hide programs, minimize windows, close browsers using bosskeyHide Any Window - The Settings section will provide users with Protect with password or Hot Keys customization capabilities

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