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A simple and easy to setup tool that was designed to bring support for the Hindi keyboard layout onto any computer it is installed





Adjusting the keyboard to fit some specific needs, like adding language specific characters is now possible through the use of dedicated utilities. Some of those are mean to be installed directly onto the system, other are designed to enhance the functionality of web browsers.

Indic IME Lite an application that once installed will add a simple switch for the Hindi layout so users who need to type in that language can easily change from the default layout. The trigger is a simple key combination, namely CTRL+SHIFT.

Each time this hotkey is pressed, the keyboard layouts will swap. Nonetheless, this can be a hassle if you have other applications that use this combination for their own shortcuts. For this reason, it is advised to have Indic IME Lite active only when its presence is strictly necessary.

Having this system enhancement installed onto your PC will not disable or affect in any way the default method of switching languages, namely through the Windows key + Space. This utility will only make it more easy to enjoy the Hindi keyboard layout in a much simpler way than having to add the language from the Windows Control Panel.

As a precautionary measure after the uninstallation of Indic IME Lite it is worth checking if it has been completely removed from the languages bar. In case the Hindi language is still there, you can deactivate it manually from the 'Languages Preferences' area of the operating system.
Last updated on September 19th, 2011
Indic IME Lite - Use the indicated shortcut key to switch input languages.

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