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Utility for PC overclocking, over-voltage and power saving for your MSI motherboard. Get a performance boost or choose to preserve power

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MSI Control Center provides MSI motherboard owners with a specialized application software that can help them squeeze the juice out of their mainboard.

By this, it means that you can really push your MB to the limits by overclocking it. Unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing, we advise you to stay away from the ‘Overclocking’ section of the program as it has no protection against ill-ventilated computer cases, bad CPU coolers or anything that can cause hardware failure. In fact, no software does that, whatsoever.

MSI Control Center presents a quite friendly interface segmented into three different areas: ‘System Information’, the above mentioned ‘Overclocking’, and ‘Green Power’. The first one is harmless and any user, no matter the level of knowledge, can access it and get details for their mainboard, CPU (central processing unit or processor) as well as their memory (or RAM).

You can quickly and easily find out the model of your MSI motherboard, the chipset it is built around, the southbridge and the SuperIO controller. Moreover, you can also learn about the brand, version and build date of the BIOS chip alongside present audio, video and LAN interface cards.

For further information on your CPU, you can go to the specific area and find out about its name, package, technology, code name, specification, family, model, stepping or instructions. You can also view the speed, multiplier or bus speed clocks in tandem with the cache levels. Memory slot selection and timing table for your RAM is also available in its special zone.

For overclocking purposes, you are handed four categories including basic, advanced, OC Genie and BIOS profiles to work with in order to get the results you have in mind or, why not, even better ones. On the other hand, you may want to configure your computer to use less power and then you may want to check out the last section.

All in all, MSI Control Center is a hefty piece of software to find out more about your MSI motherboard and the connected hardware in order to get a general idea about its capabilities, boost its performance through overclocking or optimize it to save power at the minimal speed loss. MSI Control Center is a tool that can gladly go right in your favorite software arsenal.

MSI Control Center was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 30th, 2013

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