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A self-help tool that notifies you about problems in your PC and helps you fix them

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Microsoft PC Advisor used to help you quickly and easily monitor your PC for problems and also give you solutions in real-time to fix them, keep your PC running smoothly with important software and driver updates as well as optimize your Windows experience with useful tips and tutorials and by monitoring and updating settings.

Yes, Microsoft PC Advisor used to do them all, but does not anymore. It must be due to the fact that Microsoft has seized support for it as it seems to be unable to connect to a server in order to start any of its analysis. Released back in October 2008, Microsoft PC Advisor could really get your problematic computer running again in the manner it should.

The main interface of the application consists of a well-organized layout packing the PC Checkup, tools to configure and maintain your PC which are recommended only to advanced users, products and services offers from Microsoft and others as well as online help from Microsoft and support sites.

Microsoft PC Advisor’s features almost sound too good to be true and, as you can check out for yourself, they do not work anymore. It’s a shame, but this is the reality of this particular situation. When it used to work, Microsoft PC Advisor could rapidly check up on your system and provide various fixes and hints such as startup folder clean up, temporary Internet files removal, Internet connection boost or UAC (User Account Control) verification.

The toolbox that Microsoft PC Advisor offers is, indeed, only a collection of shortcuts to convenient and frequently accessed areas of your PC’s Control Panel. This and the other sections are altogether less important than the first one, the PC Checkup Tool. While being in the spotlight of the whole application, the PC Checkup Tool could really benefit from a more serious approach.

If Microsoft PC Advisor was seen and put right next to the invention of the wheel, then those who have appreciated it didn’t really know what a real PC checkup tool should do. Sure, it did point to some “problems”; however, it did not have anything to do with the actual ones. The best part about it, though, it was the zero price tag up against the ones that charged and continue to charge you for, basically, nothing.

Microsoft PC Advisor was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on September 19th, 2013
Microsoft PC Advisor - Microsoft PC Advisor is a self-help software that will notify you about problems in your system and then help you rapidly fix themMicrosoft PC Advisor - From the PC Checkup tab of Microsoft PC Advisor you can run a system check on your computer to verify if you have any security, network or performance problemsMicrosoft PC Advisor - When the PC Checkup is done, the application will display a report of all the computer issues it encountered during its scan.Microsoft PC Advisor - screenshot #4Microsoft PC Advisor - screenshot #5Microsoft PC Advisor - screenshot #6Microsoft PC Advisor - screenshot #7Microsoft PC Advisor - screenshot #8

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