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Simulates a mouseclick on interval.

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Mouse Clicker is an extremely lightweight utility designed to simulate mouse clicks at a pre-configured interval. It can be enabled or disabled just anytime, by user intervention.

The situations that require a mouse clicker are various, whether you’re looking to cheat in a game or to repetitively click a button inside a random application (media player, screenshot taking utility, etc). Performing this action manually can be quite tiresome, but it can be substituted by an application such as Mouse Clicker.

The application weighs under 200 KB and is portable, which means it won’t leave a footprint on your computer’s registry. However, it sports extremely basic functionality, being able to click only on the current cursor position, at a user-defined interval (in seconds).

From our experience, we can point out that we’ve seen much more complete software, which are able to combine both mouse and keyboard actions to create scripts that can automate complex computer tasks.

However, Mouse Clicker cannot achieve that, since it was create for accomplishing very basic jobs. It only performs a single click at a time, so if you’re after an application that can simulate a right mouse click or a double click, keep on seeking.

Due to its nature and if you want it to carry out its task, you should leave the mouse cursor on top of the item you want to click over and over again. If you move it the least bit, the job will be canceled at the clicks will be performed on the current spot instead of the position it was meant to in the first place.

On an ending note, Mouse Clicker is one of the most basic applications of its type. There’s nothing spectacular about it and cannot be labeled as competition for similar software.

Mouse Clicker was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on June 14th, 2013
Mouse Clicker - The main window of Mouse Clicker software where you will be able to enable or disable the clicker or to set a time interval.

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