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Enhance gaming experience by exposing top of edge features like Dynamic V-sync Control (DVC) and Dynamic Frame rate Control (DFC) with real time Motion JPEG encoding

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RadeonPro is especially designed for computers that are equipped with AMD Radeon graphics card, enabling you to take full advantage of its capabilities.

It works by helping you create custom configuration profiles that can be loaded each time you play a game or watch 3D content. The ultimate goal is to have your games run smoother and look astonishing using the proper configuration for each.

The main window enables you to view a list of all the recently added games and applications and customize the functioning parameters of the graphics card.

RadeonPro features 3D graphics customizable settings (ambient occlusion, filtering and vertical sync control), as well as anti-aliasing modes (namely MLAA, FXAA and SMAA) ready to improve visual factors such as colors, shading or lighting effects.

It supports triple buffering, anisotropic and trilinear optimization and comes with support for VSync control, as well as a tweaks for Crossfire users. The OSD options can be activated in order to view on-screen information about your GPU during gaming session.

RadeonPro also assists you in configuring the behavior of the GPU, enabling you to significantly enhance the overall performance of the game. Graphics overdrive creates astonishing visual effects, while the clock and fan controllers allows you to manually adjust their functioning levels.

A created profile can be activated by multiple executables and the application provides support for games that are started using a launcher. In addition to this, you can instruct the application to execute a script at game initialization or right before closing it.

RadeonPro is a flexible graphics card tweaking utility that helps you create multiple profiles and load them automatically at game start, without having to go through the configuration procedure over and over again.

RadeonPro was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on December 21st, 2013
RadeonPro - By using RadeonPro you are able to enhance your games with powerful video featuresRadeonPro - From the Advanced tab you have the possibility to change the MipMap quality and the Texture LOD settingsRadeonPro - You can navigate to the Tweaks tab if you want to change the VSync controllerRadeonProRadeonProRadeonProRadeonProRadeonProRadeonProRadeonProRadeonProRadeonProRadeonProRadeonProRadeonProRadeonPro

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