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A lightweight application designed to help you increase performance speed and stability by applying only the safest system tweaks

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Simple System Tweaker is an application designed to allow users tweak their Windows operating system and thus increase performance and stability.

Based on a rather plain and simple GUI, Simple System Tweaker offers customizations for three different sections, namely visual, network & services and general.

If you want to change the Windows appearance for example, Simple System Tweaker allows you to disable windows animations when minimizing and maximizing, the smooth edges of screen fonts, desktop composition, drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop or visual styles on windows and buttons.

The “General Tweaks” section on the other hand gives you the power to disable MFT fragmentation, turn off folder auto template discovery, disable tracking of broken shortcut links, disable automatic restart in the event of a BSOD and show details when booting or shutting down.

On the good side, Simple System Tweaker shows plenty of details on every single option in a dedicated panel at the bottom of the window, so even if a dedicated manual doesn’t exist, it still lends a hand to rookies looking for more documentation.

There are no other configuration options, but keep in mind that administrator privileges are needed on Windows 7 workstations in order to apply the selected tweaks.

All things considered, Simple System Tweaker is a simple and effective Windows tweaking tool. It relies on a user-friendly approach, with all options grouped in just a single screen, but providing a great amount of information for every displayed option.

Simple System Tweaker was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on January 28th, 2015
Simple System Tweaker - The program enables you to fine-tune some of your system's configuration parameters in order to achieve better performance.Simple System Tweaker - You can apply networking tweaks, such as disable TCP timestamps in order to improve network speed.Simple System Tweaker - You can set services tweaks, such as disable remote registry or switch the Help Service function to manual adjustment.Simple System Tweaker - screenshot #4Simple System Tweaker - screenshot #5

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