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Utility capable of managing Prefetch and Superfetch

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TweakPrefetch is a simple to use application designed to help you focus the Prefetch and Superfetch functions of your Windows operating system.

Prefetch and Superfetch are components of Windows that create a record of loaded files during system boot, as well as frequently used applications after logon and stores them into the “Layout.ini” file.

This file is then used to preload the commonly used libraries and application components into the system memory before they are required, thus boosting computer performance.

Using both the Prefetch and Superfetch features, you are provided with options to tweak applications, system boot or both at the same time. You can also set them to track different things.

For example, you can have the Prefetch focus on system boot and Superfetch set for applications only. This is very helpful as Superfetch continually analyzes application behavior and can provide a much better prediction of what needs to be loaded and at what time.

The utility enables you to choose the main use of the computer, business or gaming and allows you to manually enter the value of system memory used. You can also choose between hard disk and SSD storage types.

If you’re not that familiar with how these parameters impact computer performance, TweakPrefetch offers you a “Detect” function that once you toggle, will automatically choose and apply the best settings for your system.

Since Prefetch data is updated every couple of days, the application enables you to clear current Prefetch so that the system will be able to rebuild the “Layout.ini” file. You can also restore an old version of it or choose to disable prefetching entirely.

TweakPrefetch is designed to improve system performance, every presented feature points to that but since it runs in the shadows, you might not feel that extra boost.

TweakPrefetch was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 19th, 2013
TweakPrefetch - This is the main window of TweakPrefetch where you can manage your system's fetchingTweakPrefetch - This menu will allow you to activate the advanced control that will allow you to clear the prefetchTweakPrefetch - The Tools menu is the place where you can access the configuration wizard.TweakPrefetch - This window will offer you the possibility to adjust the system memory and the main storage device

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