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An easy to use application that allows you to change important registry keys in order to improve the overall behavior of your computer

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1 comment - Advanced System Tweaker is a compact tool that aims to boost the computer speed by changing various parameters. It is designed to provide quick access to the registry keys that have an important impact on the system behavior.

Every computer user wants a machine that runs fast and smooth in order to make the most of the installed hardware and software. The default operating systems settings are configured to maximize the system reliability which means that the speed can usually be improved by tweaking certain components.

Since tweaking requires access to a large variety of parameters, you need to know exactly where to find them and which ones are important for improving the system performance. This tool aims to provide access to a set of registry keys for less experienced users.

The users that already know how to defragment the hard drive or disable the remote registry access can also use this tool if they want to save time. They might even improve their knowledge by checking the Detailed Information pane which displays the command line arguments and scripts.

When you start the application you are reminded to backup the registry in order to revert the changes later. The tweaks are grouped into categories which enables you to quickly access the ones specific to certain operating systems.

The program includes an impressive collection of over nine hundred scripts, registry keys and tools that can be used for speed boosting or improving the OS interface. Disk defragmentation commands, service disablers, context menu tweaks and many more are available with just a few clicks.

All the options have a detailed description which allows beginners to find out the effect and registry keys that are being changed. The selected modifications are marked on the list which makes it easier to review them before applying the changes.

Whether you are tweaking your computer for the first time or have previous experience, Advanced System Tweaker can help you make multiple improvements with minimum effort. - Advanced System Tweaker was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 9th, 2013
7 - Advanced System Tweaker - You can use the main window of the application to access all the available - Advanced System Tweaker - You can choose to backup your registry and create a restore point from the File - Advanced System Tweaker - Access the Device Manager, Event Viewer, Registry Editor, and Task Manager from the Programs - Advanced System Tweaker - screenshot - Advanced System Tweaker - screenshot - Advanced System Tweaker - screenshot - Advanced System Tweaker - screenshot #7

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