Vista Live Shell Pack - Blue

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A simple to use and instal Vista transformation pack for your XP OS.

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Vista Live Shell Pack - Blue provides Windows Vista users with a shell replacement for their OS. The developer of this particular transformation pack is not at all a stranger when it comes to this software category and amongst his creations, the Seven Remix XP application is one of the most popular Windows XP visual enhancements.

Vista Live Shell Pack also comes in a Grey edition for those of you not fond of the bright glossy blue available as the main color in this specific pack. Being released two years after Windows Vista, this shell enhancer was developed mainly for appearance tweaking community as it also includes an Uxtheme patcher.

Although it is clearly an unfinished, unpolished product, its development was drawn to a halt and some patches have been created to fix various stringent issues that its installation has triggered. One of the most common bunch refers to the “The system DLL user32.dll was relocated…” error and has been repaired in timely fashion through a patch released just one week after the last version of the transformation pack.

Vista Live Shell Pack did ruin and would still jeopardize the integrity of your Windows installation if it is deployed to crippled or unstable OSes. Perfectly working operating systems may also suffer from its installation as this type of software interferes with system files and it only takes such a small amount of modifications to completely corrupt a Windows Vista environment.\

Other than those, Vista Live Shell Pack - Blue does not enhance anything beside looks. While its eye-candy may be found appealing by many users, the possible bad outcome of its installation has surely kept a few of them from changing the appearance of their Vista desktop through its deployment.

All in all, if you find yourself looking for a makeover for your Vista environment and blue is your favorite color, then you may consider installing Vista Live Shell Pack - Blue. Thousands have already done it and although it may endanger your system, this is a risk you have to consider for any available transformation packs.

Vista Live Shell Pack - Blue was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on March 21st, 2013
Vista Live Shell Pack - Blue - Vista Live Shell Pack - Blue has the ability to change the Windows XP theme to a Vista look and feel theme. All visual aspects are modified to better suite the Vista look.Vista Live Shell Pack - Blue - Even the System Properties window of your OS will be changed after installing Vista Live Shell Pack - Blue.

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