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Update the Windows 7 boot animation and text

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Windows 7 Boot Updater is a freeware software solution designed to help you change the boot animation and the text below it with just a few clicks.

The application is fairly easy to use and the main thing that makes it that way is the interface. With a large preview panel right in the main window showing you modifications in real time, Windows 7 Boot Updater provides two different elements to modify: booting and resuming.

Organized in tabs for quick editing, each of the two features comes with its very own pack of settings, regardless if we're talking about text and colors.

For example, booting can be customized either with a static image or an animation, a new background color, but also with new messages to be displayed below the animation. The messages also support further customization, with available options including font color, position and font size.

The “Resuming” tab comes with the exact same configuration options, so you may spend some time setting up the program.

Additionally, Windows 7 Boot Updater provides multiple dedicated tools to load and save boot skins, but also a separate feature to create a boot skin installer and thus install a new boot package on another computer without too much effort.

Windows 7 Boot Updater runs on low resources but, just like its name suggests, it's only addressed to Windows 7 workstations, so administrator privileges are needed to make modifications.

All in all, Windows 7 Boot Updater is a handy Windows tweaking tool and it provides a very user friendly environment to allow users modify the boot screen of their operating system.

Windows 7 Boot Updater was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 28th, 2015
Windows 7 Boot Updater - This is the main window of Windows 7 Boot Updater where you can customize the boot text messageWindows 7 Boot Updater - Windows 7 Boot Updater will enable you to change the font color, position and sizeWindows 7 Boot Updater - You can access this tab when you want to personalize the messages displayed when resuming WindowsWindows 7 Boot Updater - The Options menu is the place where you can easily restore backups or specify the path to the Windows folder

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