Windows 8 Features Download Fix

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A handy utility that can fix the .NET Framework feature download errors that might occur on a machine running Windows 8 with WSUS activated

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Windows 8 Features Download Fix is designed to help you repair any error that might be triggered by your machine when trying to install the .NET Framework or any other feature that requires downloading from Windows Updates.

Some applications have additional requirements that are mandatory for the software to run and the .NET Framework is one of the most frequent. If this feature is not already installed on your computer, the application automatically opens a new window, where you can choose to download the missing component and install it on the local PC.

For machines that have WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) activated on their system, a failure message might occur during the download process, notifying you that the computer cannot connect to the Internet in order to grab the necessary files, although your Internet connection runs correctly.

The cause of this error message is that the computer is trying to find the update you requested on the WSUS server and not the Windows Update web server.

Windows 8 Features Download Fix aims to make the necessary modifications to the local policy and the system registry, in order to instruct the computer to search for any additional components an application might require on the Windows Update web server.

Once Windows 8 Features Download Fix is installed, it is advisable that you restart your computer for the changes to take effect. Then try to install .NET Framework or other feature once more.

Windows 8 Features Download Fix helps you avoid dealing with complicated configurations, the local policies and the system registry, which beginners surely find difficult to work with. Instead, it provides you with a comfortable and quick method of solving a common problem that occurs on Windows 8 or 8.1 machines with WSUS activated.

Windows 8 Features Download Fix was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 17th, 2014
Windows 8 Features Download Fix - On a system with WSUS installed, the setup of .NET Framework can fail and the system displays an error message.Windows 8 Features Download Fix - Once Windows 8 Features Download Fix is setup on your computer, .NET Framework can be successfully installed.