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An all-in-one program that can protect, maintain and optimize your Windows, which includes rich features and a highly intuitive interface

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Windows Doctor is an application suite designed for boosting, protecting and cleaning your operating system.

The interface is clean and highly intuitive, with five tabs dedicated to each main component. The system booster focuses on the hardware (CPU, memory), Windows drivers, applications, services, network settings, and Internet Explorer options.

A comprehensive analysis on these areas reveals various methods for optimizing the computer, such as enabling UDMA66 support, forcing Windows to unload DLLs from memory, maximizing IE threads, and speeding up LAN browsing.

The system security component is able to scan for Windows security and system software vulnerabilities, key system security settings, unsafe processes, services and startup items, as well as IE Browser Helper Objects (BHOs), toolbars and buttons. For example, Windows Doctor is capable of downloading missing Windows updates and disabling potentially dangerous startup apps.

The registry cleaner tests the registry integrity, system setting errors and winlogon notification keys. It can improve the IE browsing speed (e.g. ActiveX compatibility, extensions, drag-and-drop manager), system boot speed (e.g. device drivers, Start menu shortcuts) and system performance (ActiveX and COM, deep registry scan, file extensions and associations), as well as clean invalid shortcuts on the drives.

There are a few registry scan settings available. For instance, you can skip entries linked to CD/DVD/USB drives or network paths, create an exclusion list for keys, values and shortcuts, as well as manage cookies.

When it comes to cleaning privacy-related objects, Windows Doctor offers support for the Start menu and desktop (e.g. document and Run history), Windows system (e.g memory dumps, IIS log files), recent activities (e.g. last opened registry, recent printer connections), Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera (e.g. saved form information, cache, cookies and history), Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Office recent documents, and WinRAR.

Advanced tools included in the pack recover, clean and analyze data, shred, copy and split files, defrag the registry and memory, as well as automatically power off the computer. Windows Doctor creates backups for the system boost, system security and registry cleaner modules by default.

The application has minimal impact on system resources and carries out a scan-and-clean task pretty quickly. We have not come across any problems in our tests. The bottom line is that Windows Doctor comprises rich features for taking care of your system, which caters to all types of users, thanks to its intuitive layout and advanced options.

Windows Doctor was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on March 16th, 2015
Windows Doctor - Windows Doctor will help you quickly and easily protect, maintain and optimize your systemWindows Doctor - You have the possibility to configure your scan seetings and diagnose all your system's problemsWindows Doctor - From the dedicated window you are able to scan your system for registries and repair themWindows Doctor - screenshot #4Windows Doctor - screenshot #5Windows Doctor - screenshot #6Windows Doctor - screenshot #7Windows Doctor - screenshot #8Windows Doctor - screenshot #9Windows Doctor - screenshot #10Windows Doctor - screenshot #11Windows Doctor - screenshot #12Windows Doctor - screenshot #13Windows Doctor - screenshot #14Windows Doctor - screenshot #15Windows Doctor - screenshot #16Windows Doctor - screenshot #17Windows Doctor - screenshot #18

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