Windows UAC Disabler

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A lightweight application that allows you to easily enable or disable the user account control, in order to remove the privilege limit for other users

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Windows UAC Disabler is a useful application in case you need access to trusted programs that require administrative privileges. Disabling the User Account Control in Windows Vista or above allows you to access programs or system functions even though you are not logged in as administrator.

A system tweak regarding user privileges

As a system administrator user, you may set the privilege levels for other users, by adjusting the user account control. This means you can name certain types of programs they cannot access, system settings they cannot change or files they cannot view. Moreover, you enable the pop-up alert notifying you that a particular program requires administrator privileges.

While some programs are restricted due to the fact that they influence the system security directly, others simply need your confirmation that they are safe for usage. Windows sometimes blocks applications’ features when it considers they present a threat. Additionally, there are certain software that you cannot run unless you log in as administrator.

Enable or disable user restrictions

With Windows UAC Disabler, you may activate or deactivate user account control and gain full access to a computer’s functions and settings, without logging in as administrator. You simply need to press the Enable or Disable button, then reboot the computer in order for the changes to take place.

The UAC is a complementary security method, and while it cannot block all the threats on your computer, it can raise your awareness that the software you are trying to access does not have a trusted status. The tasks that are directly affected by UAC include running an application as administrator, changing system or program files settings, installing or uninstalling software, installing device drivers, ActiveX controls or changing the status of Windows Firewall.

Access system tasks without logging in as administrator

Windows UAC Disabler allows you to override the user account control settings and to gain full access to any software or settings that an administrator could modify. By disabling the UAC, your computer can run any application without verification, but at the same time it can speed up certain system tasks, such as installing or uninstalling software.

Windows UAC Disabler was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 16th, 2014
Windows UAC Disabler - Windows UAC Disabler allows you to tweak your system, in order to adjust the user account control in Windows Vista and above.Windows UAC Disabler - The user account control enables you as an administrator to limit other user's privileges in accessing programs.

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