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A simple and effective software utility that helps you to expand the capabilities of your mouse and quickly remap all the buttons

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X-Mouse Button Control is a software that allows you to reconfigure the buttons of your mouse.

The user interface of the program is based on a standard window in which you can add, edit, copy and remove application or window profiles (on the left part of the screen).

Thus, you can select an action for up to five mouse butons, wheel up and down, as well as tilt wheel left and right.

The action can vary from "Alt+Tab", "Activate Monitor Power Saving", "Activate Screensaver", "Browser Favorites", "Browser Refresh", "Change Movement to Scroll", "Close", "Copy", "Cut", "Disable" and "Double Click".

A mouse button can also activate "Enter", "Escape", "Forward", "Lock Workstation", "Maximize Window", "Media", "Next Track", "Open Control Panel", "Open Explorer", "Print Screen", "Undo", "Simulated Keystrokes", and other actions.

Below the layers you can view profile information on the description, process, window class and parent class. Also, it is possible to reset the layer at any moment.

In the "Settings" menu, you can adjust the mouse speed, disable profile switching on mouse move, enable debug logging, ignore NumLock state for "Simulated Keystrokes", enable global keyboard shortcuts and modifiers keys, and more.

The program uses a very low amount of system resources. Unfortunately, it doesn't contains a help file but learning how how to use X-Mouse Button Control is easily done.

We would have liked the possibility of opening a specific application by pressing the button of the mouse. Also, the user interface could use some improvements. Otherwise, we haven't come across any kind of problems during our tests and strongly recommend this software to all users.

X-Mouse Button Control was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 11th, 2015
X-Mouse Button Control - X-Mouse Button Control will help you quickly and easily remap your mouse buttons with powerful toolsX-Mouse Button Control - The Setup window will provide users with Layer and mouse buttons configuration capabilitiesX-Mouse Button Control - You can navigate to the Scrolling & Navigation tab if you want to change the scroll method and specify the horizontal charactersX-Mouse Button Control - screenshot #4X-Mouse Button Control - screenshot #5X-Mouse Button Control - screenshot #6X-Mouse Button Control - screenshot #7

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