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Many users that run Windows XP on their computers faced programs that change the operating system's behavior; and restoring the original settings is generally a hassle. XP Quick Fix comes to the rescue with twenty five features that can be applied with a click of the mouse.

The application is compact and has an interface that is as simple as possible. You just have to choose the option and enable it. You do not have to search for solutions on the Internet because this application deals directly with the registry or the Control Panel. If you do not know for sure what solution applies to your problem you can hover the mouse cursor over each button and the application will display the recommendations.

You can use the program to enable the Task Manager window, the Registry editor, the Run dialog or the CMD interface. These might have been disabled by your system administrator or by infected software that is installed on your computer. In both cases we recommend that you enable the features only if you know what to do with them and if you have the required permission.

XP Quick Fix can help you access the Recovery Console or the Device Manager in order to restore the system after a virus attack. It can allow you display the CD / DVD drive in My Computer window or the My Network Places icon on your desktop. Some of the features are related to system performance such as slow hotkeys, splash screen, CD autoplay or native Zip file integration that can be fixed without restriction.

The program is designed to be portable and, as such, it can be used on every computer. That is why the application includes a tool with five fixes that can be applied directly from the command line.

This application offers quick solutions to many common problems and can be used with equal success by any computer user.

XP Quick Fix was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on December 22nd, 2011
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