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A software application especially tailored to provide some basic performance enhancements and system optimizations for older computers

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Back in the days of good old Windows XP, in order to keep the system clean and in perfect running condition, performing maintenance tasks at regular intervals was mandatory. For those who find the Windows built-in tools unsatisfactory, third party utilities have been developed and ZNsoft Optimizer Xp is one of them.

Fun and functional GUI for fast operation

Setting up this program is a breeze and in a couple of minutes it should be up and running onto your computer. The interface is quite nice looking and has all the functions easily accessible, so you can get started with the cleaning immediately.

An important mention that has to be made is that this particular tool is designed for the older operating systems and therefore on newer iterations of Windows it may not function as intended.

Get system information, tweak and backup

ZNsoft Optimizer Xp is equipped with several tools, each having its own separate module, so you can do a lot more than the basic one-click optimization that is available from the main window of the application.

There are several adjustments that can be made like disabling notifications for updates, antivirus or firewall, the error reporting service can be also deactivated or enabled, all from inside ZNsoft Tweaker Xp.

The backup component of this software solution is dedicated to the creation of restore points and it will enable you to give a name to that backup and choose the kind from the 3 available types: optimization ZNsoft Optimizer, Application Setup or Hardware Setup.

An old tool for outdated systems

Even if it is one of the most easy to use programs of its kind, there are a lot of alternatives that not only work for Windows XP PCs, but are also compatible with newer versions of Microsoft's proprietary OS, so ZNsoft Optimizer Xp remains a utility for those who want to try an app from the soon to be distant past.

ZNsoft Optimizer Xp was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on March 18th, 2014
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