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A Nintendo DS emulator for running NDS games

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Computer users often spend their free time playing games, and Nintendo created some of the most popular games ever made, so it makes sense for people to try to emulate them on their Windows PCs. iDeaS is such a dedicated emulation software solution, meant to help users enjoy their preferred games once more.

One of the advantages of iDeaS is that users do not need to install the application to their computer, as the package simply needs to be uncompressed and the app is ready to run.

It needs to be mentioned that the application does not bundle any Nintendo DS games, so users need to load their own ROMs in order to start playing. In other words, all those who saved backups of their favorite DS games can emulate them using iDeaS.

Users can rely on their keyboard to play the games typically created for touchscreen environments, and they can also change the dedicated hotkeys depending on their preferences.

Furthermore, gamers can activate the plugins they choose to ensure a smooth user experience, such as the ones needed for 2D/3D graphics rendering, gamepad/joystick, webcam or Wi-Fi. The CPU speed can be increased whenever the games do not run at proper speed, whereas some frames can be skipped.

Another benefit of iDeaS is that it comes with specialized parameters for Guitar Hero and GameBoy, so that users can fully enjoy playing their games.

All in all, iDeaS comes in handy to all those who wish they could emulate Nintendo DS games on their computers, especially since the application is compatible with all operating systems prior to Windows Vista (Vista included). However, support and development seem to have been discontinued, so additional support for Windows 7 or even 8 is quite unlikely.

iDeaS was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on February 5th, 2013

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