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Simple-to-handle tool that runs from command-line in order to help you remove AVG products in case the uninstallation process has failed repeatedly

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We all know that sometimes after uninstalling a software application from our system, some traces still remain, like registry keys, settings files and other application data. For these cases, special utilities have been developed to help you completely erase all traces left behind by any program.

Uninstallers that target specific applications are quite often encountered, especially when security solutions are involved, given their rather sensitive nature.

This is the case of AVG Remover, a dedicated tool that can assist you in cleaning your PC after the uninstallation process for one or more AVG products was unsuccessful.

Command-line support

There is no proper interface for this software because it runs from command-line. Also, there is no configuration to be made since AVG Remover runs in an automatic manner. This means that all you have to do is simply run the executable and leave it to its devices.

Deleting AVG traces

The program searches for traces such as user settings, antivirus parameters, Virus Vault, installation files and other such remnants that may have resulted after a failed removal attempt made using the built-in uninstaller of the security software. All the discovered items are removed on the spot, or after a reboot.

Restart your PC to finish the cleaning process

An important aspect that should be taken into consideration when using AVG Remover is that your system will restart in order to complete the cleaning procedure. This is the reason for which you are advised to save your work and close all other running applications prior to deploying this utility.

Bottom line

To sum things up, with AVG Remover you get a really easy-to-use tool that does its job with the uttermost simpleness, requiring no advanced knowledge or intricate configurations. The nature of the software means that it should be handled with extra care to avoid losing data, but no special precautions are necessary other than those preceding a usual system reboot.

AVG Remover was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on March 5th, 2015
AVG Remover - AVG Remover will help you get rid of AVG in case the uninstallation process has failed repeatedly

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