Advanced Uninstaller FREE 10.1.1

User-friendly program that helps you uninstall applications and get rid of obsolete uninstall entries, monitor changes made to the system when installing new software, and work with a startup manager

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Advanced Uninstaller FREE - The main window of Advanced Uninstaller FREE enables you to select the task that you want to perform.Advanced Uninstaller FREE - You can easily uninstall your application with the help of the designated window.Advanced Uninstaller FREE - To activate the monitored installations service you will use the specified window.Advanced Uninstaller FREEAdvanced Uninstaller FREEAdvanced Uninstaller FREEAdvanced Uninstaller FREEAdvanced Uninstaller FREEAdvanced Uninstaller FREEAdvanced Uninstaller FREEAdvanced Uninstaller FREEAdvanced Uninstaller FREEAdvanced Uninstaller FREE
Advanced Uninstaller is a simple-to-use application which allows you to completely remove programs from your computer, along with leftover items.

Clean feature lineup

The interface of the program is well-organized. So, you can uninstall applications, directly remove uninstall entries and get rid of obsolete uninstall entries.

But you can also use a search function, select all entries, generate a report and view program details.

Monitor changes made to the system when installing new software

In addition, you can run a tool that will monitor a program's installation and create a log that will be further used when removing it from your computer.

Startup manager, deletion options for browsing data and other handy features

Plus, you can manage Windows services and a list of applications which automatically run at system startup, quickly delete traces from your web browsers (e.g. entire usage history, saved cookies, temporary files, search history), as well as clean invalid items that are placed in the start menu, disable fonts that you never use and access items from the Control Panel.

Furthermore, you can disable Advanced Uninstaller from animating tabs, playing sounds, displaying the splash screen at program startup and scanning the disk and registry for program leftovers when performing uninstall applications, change the interface theme, and more.

Bottom line

Advanced Uninstaller runs on a moderate-to-high amount of system resources, can guide you to a comprehensive online help file with snapshots and displays descriptions for each feature, once you hover the mouse over it. Also, it quickly finishes a scan and clean job. No errors have popped up during our tests and Advanced Uninstaller did not freeze or crash. We highly recommend it to all users.

Advanced Uninstaller FREE was reviewed by , last updated on July 24th, 2014

Runs on: Windows All


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