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Remove installed applications, browser toolbar and plugins, Windows Updates and Windows 10 apps, along with any leftover files, folders or registry entries

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IObit Uninstaller is a pro-grade and free-to-use tool specialized in removing installed software. The main difference between it and the Windows classical "Add or Remove Programs" is that IObit intends to eliminate any leftover components that may remain on the disk after uninstallation, whether we are talking about files, empty folders, or invalid registry entries.

Remove programs, Windows updates, Windows 10 apps, and browser modules

Aside from applications, IObit sports a separate function for inspecting and removing toolbars and plugins from web browsers, offering support for Internet Explorer, Mozilla FirefoxGoogle Chrome and Opera. It can uninstall faulty Windows Updates too.

Windows 8 users will notice a third pane dedicated to removing Windows apps. There's also a batch uninstall option that basically permits you to select multiple programs to swiftly eliminate them.

How it works with or without user intervention

The tool creates a system restore point as a backup measure, runs the default uninstaller of a program, scans the computer for leftover files and entries, and deletes them. However, apart from the default uninstaller, all these steps and file shredding are optional.

Worth mentioning is that, for some applications, IObit lists a "Quick install" option. This means that it won't pop up any panels for user confirmation when proceeding with their removal. It's also equipped with a "Forced Uninstaller" feature designed for removing otherwise stubborn software components, and for identifying the source of a file or folder.

Additional Windows tools

The utility features autostart and task managers which enable you to remove apps from the Windows autorun launch, as well as to terminate currently running processes. Moreover, an integrated cleanup utility is designed to find and remove invalid shortcuts, Windows patch cache, along with useless downloads from the default download folders of popular web browsers and download managers.

Overall, a terrific uninstaller for free

These were the highlight features of this programs uninstaller. IObit Uninstaller combines professional options in an attractive, well-organized and highly intuitive interface made for casual and power users alike (while keeping in mind that it's free). Tasks are carried out rapidly while CPU and RAM consumption remains minimal.

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IObit Uninstaller was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on August 25th, 2015
IObit Uninstaller - IObit Uninstaller displays all the programs that are installed on your PC, allowing you to easily remove them.IObit Uninstaller - IObit Uninstaller can optionally create a restore point before removing any of the installed applications.IObit Uninstaller - You can view a list of the trusted toolbars and browser plugins from the dedicated section of IObit Uninstaller.IObit UninstallerIObit UninstallerIObit UninstallerIObit UninstallerIObit UninstallerIObit UninstallerIObit UninstallerIObit UninstallerIObit UninstallerIObit Uninstaller

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