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User-friendly software that helps you remove programs from your computer, delete registry entries and other leftovers, manage startup items, and create backups

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Perfect Uninstaller is an advanced utility that helps you completely uninstall an application from your computer, relying on a more advanced approach than the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs.

Clean GUI

The interface is modern and user-friendly and it really comes in handy for both beginners and professional users. Rookies can also rely on the help manual, which includes detailed explanations on every single feature.

Different uninstall methods

There are three different uninstall modes, as follows: the standard one that uses the Windows built-in uninstaller, “Force Uninstall” and “Special Uninstall.”

Regardless of the option you choose, each of these modes uninstalls the app and additionally removes all registry entries associated with the program and other files left on the computer.

Delete registry entries and other traces

Removing a program however can take a while, especially when Perfect Uninstaller scans the registry for the leftover entries and files, as it attempts to search the whole computer for items to delete.

Create backups and manage startup items

In addition, Perfect Uninstaller also sports a so-called “System Manager” that allows you to create backups and restore files, and control the processes that run at Windows startup.

Kill or uninstall running processes

Last but not least, there is a dedicated window that displays all running processes, with two available options, end or uninstall, available at your disposal.

Other handy features to play with

Right-clicking on one of the installed app enables you to initiate a standard uninstall or a force one, but it also boasts some other tools, such as the ones to view registry entries and the installation folder.

Bottom line

Overall, Perfect Uninstaller is quite a useful application and includes all the features you expect from this kind of utility: it's easy to use, it has a pleasant interface and it's effective.

Perfect Uninstaller was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on January 5th, 2015
Perfect Uninstaller - With the help of Perfect Uninstaller you are able to uninstall any unwanted or corrupted programsPerfect Uninstaller - From the context menu you have the possibility to uninstall the selected application or view the registry entriesPerfect Uninstaller - The application enables you to quickly backup your registry from the System Manager windowPerfect Uninstaller - You can navigate to the Processes window if you want to view all the opened processesPerfect Uninstaller - The Preferences window enables you to change the view style and the user account control

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