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A lightweight standalone application created to offer you the means of uninstalling programs from your computer with minimal effort

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VPrograms is a user-friendly and easy to understand piece of software developed to provide you with a method of listing all the currently installed tools on your system, being able to modify or remove them with just a few button presses.

Portability benefits

The application does not require installation in order to function, which means you can simply download and run the executable right away.

Consequently, this translates into the ability to store VPrograms to a portable drive and carry it with you wherever you may need it, at home or at the office, yet leaving no traces on the PC when removed.

Basic yet functional looks

In terms of appearance, VPrograms is quite simple and unimpressive, and this makes it particularly suited for novices, as its straightforwardness means you will not need to waste time trying to figure it out.

Once launched, the tool quickly analyzes your system and gradually lists all of the records that it detects, along with a series of details, such as the version, publisher, internal name, installation date, size and location.

Find and remove unwanted apps with minimal effort

VPrograms features a ‘Search’ function that enables you to quickly locate an entry based on a keyword. In addition, you can copy a selected item or all records to your clipboard using the ‘Options’ menu functions.

Using the ‘Modify’ and ‘Uninstall’ buttons in the ribbon, you can alter certain apps or remove them from your computer altogether. Before proceeding with the operation, you will however be asked for confirmation. The utilities can only be uninstalled one at a time so you cannot set up a list of items to be removed gradually and automatically.

A handy uninstaller for you to use

To conclude, VPrograms is a useful albeit fairly limited application that serves in enumerating currently installed software from your PC, allowing you to get rid of the ones you no longer need, all while saving you time and effort.

VPrograms was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 9th, 2014
VPrograms - The main window of VPrograms displays all the currently installed programs on your systemVPrograms - From the Edit menu, you can copy a selection to your clipboard or you can refresh the entriesVPrograms - The Options menu enables you to show updated or set the utility to automatically refresh on changesVPrograms - screenshot #4VPrograms - screenshot #5VPrograms - screenshot #6

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