ATi Radeon BIOS Tuner (RaBiT)

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Squeeze the most juice out of your ATi video card with a handful of thorough overclocking settings available in this powerful application

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As a means of safety, the majority of video card vendors slightly limit power to prevent complete damage or failure. Even though modern video games require a breathtaking amount of resources, especially GPU, there are cards out there that can live up to the challenge. However, the price can get a little high, and an alternative embraced by most gamers is overclocking, easily done with specialized applications like ATi Radeon BIOS Tuner (RaBiT).

Lightweight with a classic interface

The application comes in a light package and requires no installation for you to take advantage of its features. Not to mention, the impact on your system resources is not something to take into consideration.

When it is brought up, the interface sports a classic, clean look, with most info in plain view and several tabs that store different categories you can manage.

Manually load the BIOS file

The first safety measure taken is that the BIOS file is not automatically loaded in the application, seeing how the application is strictly dedicated to users with solid knowledge. The image file can easily be loaded through the dedicated option and later on saved either as a log file or the original format.

In-depth info displayed

Basic info is displayed at all times, such as name, version/PN and description, with a dedicated tab showing additional info like device ID, SubSystem ID and SubVendor ID. The following tabs are the actual tools that give you the extra juice you want to squeeze out of your video card.

Thorough clocking customization

The “Clocking” tab lets you set core and memory clock to a desired value, choose a predefined profile and set VDDC but only up to +10% allowed to prevent your video card from frying. Memory settings can also be adjusted from a dedicated tab, as well as TV settings, with the possibility to set temperature and Fan duty cycle.

In conclusion

To sum it up, ATi Radeon BIOS Tuner or RaBiT in short, is a powerful tool with which you can push your video card to the limit. However, there isn't a list of supported devices so we strongly advise to be used with extreme caution. Not only this, but is you are not well documented about this process and you cooling system is not powerful enough, you can end up with a literally fried video card.

ATi Radeon BIOS Tuner (RaBiT) was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on August 5th, 2014
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