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A powerful and reliable software application that can help power users tweak and optimize the settings of their GeForce videocards

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As its name hints, GeForce Tweaker is a tool for making various adjustments to the GeForce graphics card (GeForce 256 up to GeForce 4 and Quadro cards) available on the system.

Getting the tool on the computer is a simple task that does not take long to complete. The main application window is actually the configuration panel of the application.

Simple, easy to work with interface

Before trying to install the program make sure that it is compatible with the graphics component available; otherwise, the optimization do not apply and the tool generates error messages.

All the options available in the program are neatly organized into easy to access tabs and there is the possibility to export the configuration to a local file in order to load them at a later time.

The application contains settings regarding Direct3D and OpenGL as well as options for color correction and screen resolution.

Direct3D and OpenGL tweaks

In the case of Direct3D users are offered the possibility to turn FSAA (full scene anti aliasing) on or off, change its quality setting as well as adjusting mipmapping details.

Also available are texture filtering options that allow defining the anisotropy level or enforcing strict trilinear filtering.

Additional Direct3D options available in the utility refer to depth buffering (Z/W buffer – manages the depth coordinates in 3D content) and vertical synchronization.

OpenGL options touch on fairly the same settings and include texture filtering, FSAA, buffers, compatibility and quadro-specific features (clear strips, window flipping, hardware accelerated lines).

Optimizing graphics card performance

GeForce Tweaker does not take too much time to figure out. However, the tool is intended for users that are familiar with the capabilities of a GeForce card.

Even so, make sure that the software is compatible with the hardware component; moreover, there are plenty of tools it can be replaced by, which offer improvements for the latest graphics from Nvidia.

GeForce Tweaker was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on June 6th, 2014
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