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Share laptop content via a wireless connection on your TV with this nifty application based on a very competitive technology from Intel

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Intel Wireless Display addresses a special segment of users that meet two mandatory requirements: a laptop that supports the WiDi (Wireless Display) technology and a compatible HDTV or a device that enables this particular technology to any other HDTV.

Thus, before starting to work with this application, make sure you posses all the compatible hardware you need and, if you don’t, ask yourself whether you are dying to have such a setup in your living room or not. If the answer is yes, then go ahead and purchase the necessary units and then start using one of the most intriguing features of the IT world.

With Intel Wireless Display, you get to stream almost everything from photos and videos to music and even applications to your HDTV without having a direct cable connection between your PC and your TV, nor between your computer and the adaptor that, connected to the TV, allows you to wirelessly broadcast the signal from the PC to your TV.

You must admit that this is truly a very cool setup to have and the advantages can be multiple as you enjoy your movies on your big-screen TV alongside their 5.1 sound (if applicable). Constantly evolving, the fourth generation of this technology can transfer 1080p video signal wirelessly as well as surround sound simultaneously.

The overall multimedia experience within your home can be really improved thanks to Intel Wireless Display and its corresponding technology powering the application. You can now also surf the Internet from the comfort of your couch or, why not, armchair while rapidly and nonetheless securely connect your notebook to your HDTV virtually cable free.

To sum it all up, Intel Wireless Display is not an application that everyone can enjoy just because it requires rather expensive equipment in order to be set up and work properly. Other than that, Intel Wireless Display provides a thrilling experience and an impact similar to the time when wireless routers first entered the market.

Intel Wireless Display was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on January 12th, 2015

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