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Use this simple but powerful software solution to get the maximum performance out of your nVidia graphics card with the possibility to customize DirectX and OpenGL settings

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Graphics card tweaking is a task that can be difficult and, if made by less experienced users, may damage the device and make it unusable. This is the reason for which meddling with video card settings at a deep level is not recommended for everyone.

Specially designed for nVidia video cards

To minimize the risks of harming the hardware component, using specialized programs that are designed especially for the specific device in question is a must. If you own an Nvidia graphics card and want to improve its performance, it's probably worth taking a look at.

An important mention that has to be made clear from the start is that this software is specifically created for video cards that use NVIDIA Detonator drivers, so you should check first if it's compatible with the one you have onto your system.

Adjust settings from an intuitive interface

With the help of Nvmax you will be able to improve DirectX and OpenGL performance and video quality by adjusting the parameters from the application's main window. The GUI is quite simple and easy to use because all the functions are well organized and available straight away.

Improve DirectX and OpenGL performance

Depending on the exact type of card connected to your computer, the 'Storage Buffers' has several options available for customization. Thus, you have at your disposal several DirectX Z-Buffer parameters that can be adjusted, including the alternative depth buffer and an adjustment to rendering depth.

Nvmax also allows you to activate the DirectX 7 24 bit buffer, enable occlusion as well as buffer compression and biasing. When it comes to the OpenGL Z-Buffer settings, you will be able to use an alternate depth buffer or force 16-bit mode if necessary.

Another set of options that can be used in Nvmax involve the buffer flipping mode, which can be set as page, block or auto, and the Direct3D W-Buffer you can enable with a single click.

All in all

To sum it all up, Nvmax is a quite useful tool if you happen to have a compatible graphics card and need to improve some performance settings or optimize the quality of the output. Even though the application ceased to receive updates and only works on older versions of Windows, dedicated users might still find it useful.

NVmax was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on August 4th, 2014
NVmax - NVmax allows you to enable buffer compression, occlusion detection or buffer biasing.

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