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A dedicated Radeon tweaking software solutions that can help users make the most of their graphics card, so as to increase its performance





Instead of purchasing a new video card whenever the performance of the current one is no longer satisfying, some people resort to overclocking it so as to boost its speed.

It goes without saying that in order to do this, one needs to use a specialized software solution, but they also need to have advanced computer knowledge and skills, otherwise they might damage the card.

Rage3D Tweak is one of several applications that can come in handy in this type of situations, yet it can only be used by those whose computers are equipped with an AMD Radeon graphics card.

Once this utility has been installed, it integrates within the other option tabs located in the Advanced Display Properties section from the Control Panel.

Following this integration, users can gain access to a wide range of functions that enable them to modify the registry tweak settings, the display modes and the refresh rates, as well as the overclocking configuration.

Furthermore, it is possible to display an icon on the taskbar for all those who want to be able to quickly access these options without opening the Control Panel and navigating to the correct section.

Not only can use overclock core and memory settings for all Radeon cards, but Rage3D Tweak can also be used to set up dedicated game profiles. This way, the card features a different configuration and clock speed depending on the currently running game, thus enhancing the user experience.

One can also alter the refresh rate for the default and custom display modes, according to their preferences, while also benefitting from various types of tweaks for optimizing 2D and 3D settings.
Last updated on July 30th, 2003
Rage3D Tweak

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