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A lightweight and incredibly easy to use software application that enables you to change screen resolution as well as refresh rate without the need of dedicated drivers

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Sometimes, the gaming experience can be seriously affected by the low display frequency of one's monitor. A solution to this problem would be to upgrade the PC to meet all the requirements of a specific game, but this involves a lot of financial investments that may not be within reach for everyone.

A cost-efficient visual upgrade

An alternative is to use RefreshLock, a tiny application that is able to increase monitor display frequencies by simply pressing a few dedicated buttons.

Typically, monitors are capable of delivering high frequencies, but occasionally they might not function properly exactly at the time one wants to start playing. Furthermore, playing on a low frequency can cause serious damage to the eyes. No matter the reason, when needing higher frequency levels, RefreshLock comes in handy.

Simple and intuitive interface

The interface is standard-looking, without any complicated settings or options, while still keeping things perfectly safe. One can choose the screen mode that suits their needs with a simple mouse click.

The frequency can be switched from the lowest to the highest level, without breaking the computer or decreasing its performance. There is also a reset timer that will automatically go off if the current frequency change is not confirmed.

Little system resources required

Another action that can be achieved using RefreshLock is to lock the PC and activate the screensaver, without accessing any additional windows, menus or panels.

In matter of memory resources, RefreshLock is barely noticeable. It's just a small but useful little application that simply runs in the background and its icon can be found in system tray.

To end with

The conclusion is that RefreshLock is a useful software that anyone should install on their computer, especially if they often play computer games. It does no damage to your computer and uses a low amount of resources to provide the means for an enhanced visual experience.

RefreshLock was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 4th, 2014
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