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A command line firmware update application designed for NVidia adapters that allows you to perform additional tasks, such as debugging the EEPROM part

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nVFlash provides you with the necessary means to flash (upgrade or downgrade) the BIOS of your NVIDIA adapter in a matter of seconds. Before you do this, make sure you have a legit BIOS for your video card alongside the required know-how.

Create a backup for enhanced safety

As nVFlash only runs in DOS, you also need a diskette or CD to boot from in this particular environment. First thing you want to do once you booted the DOS is performing a backup of the current BIOS of your graphics card. This can easily be accomplished with the 'nvflash -b' command.

Proceed with caution each step of the way

Flashing the VGA BIOS does not require much time and you must be aware of any error the may occur during the process. When confronting with an error, it is highly recommended that you do not restart the PC, as this usually bricks the graphics card (makes it unusable). Just use the backup you performed prior to this operation before attempting to flash your card with a new BIOS.

Support for multiple connected video cards

nVFlash also features commands for comparing and verifying firmware, writing and removing protections or listing versions, adapters and even applied patches. One more important addition is the '--index' argument that you can use if your system comprises several video cards. By utilizing this option, you are able to flash your adapters individually by communicating their indexes.

In conclusion

All in all, this tool is not meant for overclocking as it surely lacks any option to tweak clock speeds, thus its only purpose remains the flashing of your NVIDIA card's / cards' BIOS. Given the proper knowledge, nVFlash performs the task quickly so you can enjoy an increased stability and better performance of your graphics card and your system overall.

nVFlash was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on August 4th, 2014
nVFlash - nVFlash offers users a useful tool for updating the firmware of NVidia adapters.

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