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Windows Desktop Gadget to display the time, in Heads Up Display style

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HUD Time is a compact gadget designed to display the current date and time on your desktop in a heads up display style. It is a handy tool for the users who are not satisfied with the default Windows clock.

You can use this widget for displaying a larger version of the Windows clock which can be placed on any area of your desktop. The interface is transparent which makes it blend in with the desktop wallpaper and theme color.

The font and the colors of the HUD display can be changed from the Options menu in order to match your current color theme. You can select the font color from a large list that includes more than one hundred options.

Unfortunately, the size of the font cannot be adjusted which makes it hard to find the right font for your desktop. Basically, you need to try every font from the list until the size of the gadget is appropriate for your screen resolution.

The transparency settings can be adjusted from the Options menu but also from the widget context menu. You can combine the two parameters for creating a HUD display that is almost invisible until you hover it with the mouse cursor.

It is a lightweight tool that requires insignificant resources and provides you with a customizable clock interface. If the Windows clock is too small for your desktop, the HUD Time can help you add a digital clock to your workspace.

HUD Time was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on April 29th, 2013
HUD Time - The Preview window of HUD Time sidebar gadgetHUD Time - The Settings window of HUD Time sidebar gadget

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