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A gadget to calculate and display your daily prayer times

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Islamic Prayer Times is a sidebar gadget designed to help you view the five formal daily prayer times on your desktop screen. The application is especially useful for the Muslims who are living inside Muslim-minority communities and thus cannot hear the traditional call-to-prayers.

Once you install the gadget, a small window appears on your desktop screen, displaying all the prayer times in a single window, together with the optional Shurooq prayer and the corresponding hours, according to the location you set. The next prayer time is highlighted and the application monitors how much time is left using a countdown timer.

The main condition to make the program work properly is to specify your exact location. Clicking on the gadget reveals the current date and your geographical coordinates. The Google maps service is used to toggle a map and automatically search a location by name. However, you can manually specify the latitude and longitude if you want to.

There are several prayer calculation methods and you have to choose the one that suits your need and beliefs (Egyptian, Shafi, Hanafi, ISNA, Fixed Isha, Umm Al-Qurra or Muslim World League). Furthermore, you are able to choose how exact the clock should be by setting the round seconds options.

Islamic Prayer Times can be used to ring the 'Adhan', that is, the call-to-prayer for one or more prayer times. The notification sound can be either chosen from the predefined ones or customized by the user.

In addition to this, the gadget can be set to auto configure the praying hours when you are traveling, so you don't miss any call-to-prayer.

Islamic Prayer Times is a lightweight application that can help Muslims determine the exact prayer times no matter where they are in the world and notify them daily, just like the traditional Adhan.

Islamic Prayer Times was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on November 8th, 2012
Islamic Prayer Times - Islamic Prayer Times will provide users with a gadget to calculate and display your daily prayer timesIslamic Prayer Times - Users will be given the exact geographical orientation for the next prayer based on their current locationIslamic Prayer Times - The Configuration section of the gadget will offer a list of options like Location, Method, Parms, Adhan or MiscIslamic Prayer Times - screenshot #4Islamic Prayer Times - screenshot #5Islamic Prayer Times - screenshot #6Islamic Prayer Times - screenshot #7Islamic Prayer Times - screenshot #8Islamic Prayer Times - screenshot #9

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