Retirement Countdown

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A retirement countdown timer which keeps track of the time until retirement

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When you are rapidly approaching the retirement age, you can’t help to think about the quiet days that are to follow that day. Whether you plan to travel or to simply relax after so many years in the work field, a retirement countdown can be fun to have.

Retirement Countdown is a small widget that provides simple calculations about the remaining time until the last day of work.

The gadget requires Yahoo! Widget Engine to work. Once launched, the program’s frame can be moved to any spot on the desktop.

The small interface holds details, such as the total number of years and months until retirement, the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds. In this manner, you should always know exactly how long before the big day. An overall progress report is also displayed on the frame.

The app lets you fiddle with some of the settings. For instance, you can change the text font and color, as well as the shadow hue. The employment starting date can be set, complete with the exact date and hour. Furthermore, you must fill in the retirement date so the program can make exact calculations.

The program can ignore mouse movements and can be set to be immune to accidental dragging. The frame’s opacity levels may be modified as well with the help of a simple slider.

The bottom line is that Retirement Countdown is a nice tool to have if you want to have such a tracker on the screen. Less experienced users shouldn’t have any issues while installing and customizing this program, thanks to its overall simplicity.

Retirement Countdown was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on February 27th, 2013
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