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This widget displays the date and time right on your desktop

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Developed for the Yahoo! Widget Engine, Simple Date and Time is a small widget with a name that perfectly describes its functionality - it displays the current date and time on your desktop. The app is easy to install and configure by rookies.

The interface of the program consists of a small frame that you can move to any spot on the screen, with the help of the mouse cursor.

By default, the background of the frame is black, while text is written in white. This option can be altered from the 'Widget Preferences' area which is available through the right-click menu.

So, you can select a different skin for the main frame (with border, plastic, toy, toy-small). Alternatively, you can pick a custom color for the background and text, as well as adjust the frame's opacity level.

In addition, you can modify the text font, font size and font color, make it bold, add shadows and choose their color, as well as adjust the text's vertical offset. Last but not least, you can input another format for the date and dock-bar date; these values may be reset to their default values at any time.

Thanks to the default options provided by the Yahoo! Widget Engine, you may also set Simple Date and Time to stay on top or bellow all the other windows, to ignore mouse events and to prevent dragging.

The lightweight tool does not leave a mark on the computer's resources, as it needs a pretty low amount of CPU and system memory. It is very responsive to commands and didn't cause us any difficulties during our evaluation, such as freezing, crashing or popping up error dialogs.

The bottom line is that Simple Date and Time offers a stylish alternative to the default clock provided by Windows. Unfortunately, since the Yahoo! Widget Engine has been discontinued,  Simple Date and Time shall not be receiving further updates.

Simple Date and Time was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on February 1st, 2013
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