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This desktop gadget allows you to access the Pandora radio stations in order to listen to them while you are working on your computer

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Pandora Sidebar Gadget is a handy tool for the users who want to listen to one of the available radio stations. The gadget is designed to provide access to your account and the bookmarked radio stations with just a few clicks.

Pandora is a popular Internet broadcasting service that allows you to listen to various songs and radio stations. The user has the ability to select the songs, artists and genres that are played or to skip certain songs from the playlist.

By using this gadget, you have the option to listen to a radio station and control the playback from the desktop, without having to use a dedicated player or the web-based interface. If you prefer to view the current song and the available stations in a small window, you should give it a try.

From the main window you are able to skip the song and vote for it by clicking the thumbs-up or thumb-down buttons. Additionally, you can change the radio station to a genre that you enjoy listening while you are working on your computer.

You can create a new station and quickly open one of the bookmarked radios from the Stations window. The Menu panel enables you to bookmark the current radio or prevent a song from being played for a month.

Although it includes limited access to the Pandora features, the gadget has the advantage of being lightweight and easy to access from the Windows sidebar. It requires insignificant resources and allows you to quickly change the song you want to listen.

Pandora Sidebar Gadget was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on January 6th, 2014
Pandora Sidebar Gadget - The gadget allows you to view the list of radio stations and to select the one that you want to listen to.Pandora Sidebar Gadget - You can skip the song or add the song and the artist to your bookmarks from this panel.Pandora Sidebar Gadget - The main window of the gadget enables you to adjust the volume and to view the details of the current song.

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