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When you first read this application’s name, you may get tricked into thinking that it’s related to an actual operating system. This is not true at all, since Google Operating System is a widget for the Opera browser that enables you to read news and tips about Google.

The application retrieves the information from an unofficial blog, so it’s in no way related with or copyrighted by Google, the company. However, the news brought by the widget describes the recent activity of the company.

Having been designed as an Opera widget, the compulsory requirement is the aforementioned browser. But since Opera disabled support for widgets starting the 12th version, you are going to need a prior edition of the browser (11 or lesser).

In order to install the widget, a drag and drop operation into Opera’s interface is sufficient. A popup dialog asks you if you wish to deploy it and if you agree you are acquainted with the application’s interface.

Don’t get your hopes up as far as the appearance is concerned, since the interface is very simple. On the upside, this makes it very easy to use and accessible to all user categories. The feed displays the most recent Google news gathered in suggestive titles. In order to read the complete articles, just double-click the labels that interest you.

If you wish to refresh the feed, just hit the designated button. Another function that Google Operating System brings to the table is a minimalistic search window that allows you to find information on Google without accessing a web browser.

All in all, Google Operating System is a cool widget if you’re interested in finding out the latest Google moves. Since it uses an unofficial blog to retrieve information, the application brings mostly exclusive news.

Google Operating System was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 18th, 2013
Google Operating System - This is the main window of the Google Operating System widget that will allow you to read the latest posts from the unofficial Google blog.

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