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A small, yet efficient gadget whose main purpose is to emulate the good old sidebar characteristic to Windows Vista in Windows 7





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The 7 Sidebar was developed to be a small tool that emulates the good old sidebar of Vista in Windows 7 and even adds some nice features to it. No setup or anything special required. Just start the gadget and you have a sidebar!

The sidebar can hold any gadgets and stays visible even if a window is maximized. With one click you can switch to a window-manager with live-thumbnails. The thumbnails can be configured to update even if the window is minimized. 
Last updated on March 5th, 2014
7 Sidebar - 7 Sidebar emulates the good old sidebar of Vista in Windows 7.7 Sidebar - The Options window of 7 Sidebar allows users to configure the positioning of the sidebar.7 Sidebar - 7 Sidebar allows users to customize the way widgets will be aligned.

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