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Vista gadget that will allow you to easily open your favorite applications directly from the desktop or sidebar

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What do you choose between a crowded desktop and a clean one? Do you prefer to keep all of your application shortcuts on it or do you want an alternative? If you fall into the second category, you can simply get an application launcher and make it your own. There is enough room for all of your programs and it usually takes only a bit of your precious desktop.

App Launcher promises to round up all the features of a great tool that will allow you to quickly and easily get your favorite applications under the same roof. It comes in the form of a Windows gadget, thus it works on any version of Windows starting Vista. By default, the gadget comes with My Computer, Control Panel, Internet Explorer and Recycle Bin shortcuts. Entering the configuration panel will allow us to manage the shortcuts just the way you see fit.

Adding new applications to the launcher is done by drag'n'drop and switching their order in the list is achieved easily, by using the corresponding arrows. You can even set particular icons to the shortcuts, reset them to their defaults and also enter arguments for each and every one of them. Dividers may also be used to create classifications and thus, applying the last touch to the contents of the launcher.

The Layout section tab allows you to get a bit creative and arrange the contents to your liking. The first stop is the number of icons shown per row. It will actually be a pit stop, as there are only two options to choose from – 3 or 4 icons per row. The position can be chosen from left and center and information can be displayed below them or not. We can also pick one of the many backgrounds for the launcher and even add our own. The Recycle Bin icons can be changed as well and this transformation only affects the shortcut within the program.

Users will be able to add more special links to the application by accessing the Links tab. If you fancy having shortcuts for Network Computers, Control Panel Category view, IE / Firefox or Opera Favorites, then this is the place. Just tick their corresponding selection boxes and click on the `Add Links` button. App Launcher also provides support for folders. The Misc area is where you can set appropriate actions to be carried out when you either drag'n'drop files and shortcuts to them or just click on them.

App Launcher wraps up a nice set of tools to build up a light yet comprehensive shortcut launcher. Its customizations can make it look better and perform actions the way you need. The program is suitable for any type of user.

App Launcher Vista Gadget was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 17th, 2011
App Launcher Vista Gadget - After adding this gadget to your Vista sidebar you will be able to easily access all your favorite applications.App Launcher Vista Gadget - App Launcher Settings menu, Add/Remove window - here you can choose the links you want to be shown.App Launcher Vista Gadget - App Launcher Settings menu, Layout window - here you can configure the gadget's layout settings.App Launcher Vista Gadget - App Launcher Settings menu, Links window - in this window you will be able to add special links to th gadget.App Launcher Vista Gadget - App Launcher Settings menu, Misc window - here you have the possibility of configuring extra miscellaneous settings.

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