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An easy-to-use desktop gadget that enables you to perform basic mathematical calculations and copy the results to the Clipboard if needed

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A calculator is a tool you need to use almost daily. All Windows operating systems have one incorporated but to access it when you need it fast can prove to be a bit of a bother.

Calculator is a lightweight Windows gadget that provides you with a quick and fast solution for when you need to perform a quick calculation directly from your desktop. It’s a lightweight tool that installs with just a double click in under one second.

Like any other gadget, Calculator can be placed anywhere you find fit on your computer screen and it resides there until you need it. To activate it all you have to do is click anywhere on its interface. Performing the calculations can be done in two ways. You can either press its buttons using your mouse cursor or by using the numpad on your computer keyboard.

If your eyes are tired and the default size of the gadget makes the digits hard to spot, you can easily enlarge the calculator with a simple click. As far as configuration goes, Calculator only enables you to choose a different color scheme for its interface.

It doesn't offer you the possibility to switch between a standard or scientific calculator which can be a downside to it.

Calculator is capable of performing sums, divisions, multiplications and can change the sign of the entered value. The gadget is designed to handle calculations using large numbers but if the result has more than 9 digits, then you won’t be able to view them. Calculator can only handle a maximum of 9.

A really nice feature that Calculator has is the ability to copy the results to the Clipboard, so you can easily paste large numbers instead of typing them. Moreover, if you have an equation written in a text editor, you can copy it and paste it into the gadget to view the result.

All in all, Calculator is gadget that has purpose if you only have to deal with predominantly simple calculations as it is not capable of solving differential equations.

Calculator (for Desktop) was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 13th, 2013
Calculator (for Desktop) - In the main window of Calculator (for Desktop) you'll be able to easily perform the calculations you need.Calculator (for Desktop) - Calculator (for Desktop) also allows you to select different backgrounds for the application from this menu.

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