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This small, yet efficient gadget saves all contents of the clipboard and allows you to switch between them via key shortcuts or drag & drop

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If Windows Vista managed to bring anything good, then it’s surely the support for gadgets. Although it was only a feature seen in Vista and 7, third-party alternatives exist to extend functionality to newer Windows releases. This is an advantage because of the abundance of user-created gadgets like Clipboarder, which lets you store multiple clipboard entries.

Can be used on almost any Windows version

Needless to say that you need to be running Windows Vista or 7 for Clipboarder to work natively. However, installing third-party components like 8GadgetPack or Gadgetarain on Windows 8 and 10 seamlessly integrates gadgets in these new operating system versions. With everything set up, you only need to run the gadget once for it to get deployed, and instantly appears on your desktop.

Just like any other gadget, this one can easily be moved around the desktop and placed anywhere you see fit. In terms of visuals, it’s represented by a compact window that only shows several clipboard entries. However, there are well over 20 different color themes to enhance the gadget.

Greatly enhances the clipboard

Every time you press Ctrl + C or any other method you use to copy text, it gets stored inside Clipboarder, and you can see it as the first entry. Accessing the settings panel gives you the possibility to set the maximum number of elements to save, as well as what elements to show. Moreover, you can have the clipboard restored at startup, and even play a sound for each new entry.

By default, Clipboarder uses Win + C and Win + V as default keys to cycle through saved elements. Changes are Windows already uses these hotkeys, but you’re notified in case it does, so you can go to the Settings panel to change them. Pasting is done in the same method, so you don’t have to get used to any new keys.

If you don’t want to paste using conventional methods, there’s a simple alternative. Whenever you hover the cursor over an entry, you gain the possibility to drag an icon in the space you want to paste the text. Additionally, clicking an entry brings it up in your default text editor.

To sum it up

All in all, copy and paste are some of the most common and frequently used commands, and Clipboarder is more than welcome on any computer. Even if you use this gadget, the clipboard’s functionality is not affected whatsoever and hotkeys remain the same. The only difference is you can store a lot more entries and paste the one you need.

Clipboarder was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on August 18th, 2015
Clipboarder - This is the main window of Clipboarder from where you can easily manage your clipboard content.Clipboarder - From the Options window you will be able to adjust various features of the application.

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