Core Temp Gadget 2.7

Monitor your processor temperature, load, frequency and VID settings

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Arthur Liberman
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C: \ Windows Widgets \ System Utilities
4 Core Temp Gadget Screenshots:
Core Temp Gadget - The main window of Core Temp Gadget lets you see your processor temperature, load or frequencyCore Temp Gadget - Options tab window of Core Temp Gadget lets you set the display modeCore Temp Gadget - Colors tab window of Core Temp Gadget lets you change the main colorsCore Temp Gadget - Graphs tab window of Core Temp Gadget
Core Temp Gadget is a handy desktop enhancement that allows you to view detailed information about the temperature of your CPU. The gadget receives the information from the Core Temp application and displays it on your desktop.

You can use this tool to permanently be informed about the temperature of every processor core and about the status of the computer's RAM. Most users find it difficult to monitor the temperatures of multiple cores by comparing numbers. This gadget provides a visual representation by displaying a bar graph for the temperatures and the occupied memory.

A histogram graph is also available and you can customize it by setting the items that you want to monitor. If you want to notice when a certain temperature is reached you can set the temperature interval manually. The gadget displays all the cores by default but you can hide the information for certain cores.

The colors of the text and the ones used for the processor cores can be customized individually. You can make a certain information stand out by choosing a brighter color. The gadget includes two background colors that can make it match your desktop theme.

The interface of the gadget is very flexible as you can customize it to display only the items that you are interested in. You can also increase the scale of the gadget if you feel that the font is too small to read.

The Core Temp Gadget is a useful tool for the users that want to be informed about the status of their CPU in real time.

Core Temp Gadget was reviewed by , last updated on April 25th, 2012

Runs on: Windows Vista / 7


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