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A Dead Pixel Fixer Program

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As you may find out by reading its name, Dan's Dead Pixel Fixer is a very simple software solution designed to help you fix dead pixels on your LCD monitor.

Dead and stuck pixels are a common problem on today’s LCD screens, so this kind of application could come in very handy to many users out there.

And using it is easy as pie, mostly because the program is quite simple and relies on very basic approach, with only a few configuration options, all grouped in the main window.

The program lets you choose between three different modes, small, medium and large, which actually refers to the window used for flashing various colors and thus help you identify dead pixels.

Furthermore, you can adjust the overall duration for flashing, with two different sliders to configure hours and minutes. There’s just a single option available, namely “Always on Top”, which is indeed recommended because this way you can closely examine your whole screen.

There is no help file included in the package but, as you can see, everything’s pretty intuitive and chances are that you don’t even need one, which can only be great news for beginners.

On the other hand, similar apps available out there come with many more customization options that let users choose from multiple tests and tweak them for better results.

Overall, Dan's Dead Pixel Fixer is only a handy product that serves a single purpose and nothing more. It obviously runs on very low hardware resources and doesn’t affect system performance at all.

Dan's Dead Pixel Fixer was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 9th, 2012
Dan's Dead Pixel Fixer - Dan's Dead Pixel Fixer is based on the concept that flashing the RGB colors over a dead or stuck pixel will unstick it.

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