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Cleans up the computer by finding, identifying, and handling startup items, significantly reducing the time Windows needs to start

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Speed Startup has the purpose of optimizing the Windows boot by allowing you to disable Registry entries that are automatically initialized at system startup. It primarily addresses users with some experience in such tools but doesn't leave out novices.

Upon deployment, you can perform a scanning procedure to discover the types of Registry entries that we have previously mentioned.

You can pick the cleaning level to let Speed Startup automatically delete entries, or remove them individually from the list.

But you can also back up the data before making any modifications to, so you may restore it later on if the operating system starts popping up error notifications at startup.

Furthermore, you can add items to a startup lineup; this option is very useful when applications become unresponsive, preventing your computer from running normally. By creating a lineup, Speed Startup attempts to initialize each process individually, and skips to the next one if the user-defined delay time is surpassed.

Last but not least, an additional feature of Speed Startup allows you to set up a list of entries that will manually run only when you need them to, thus uncluttering the startup items. From the Settings panel, you can make the tool compare the current and old Windows startup items every time you start Windows.

The application runs on a low-to-moderate quantity of CPU and system memory, has a good response time and swiftly finishes a scan job. We have not encountered any difficulties in our tests, since Speed Startup did not hang, crash or notify us of any errors. There's also a help file available for all skill levels. However, some improvements concerning the visual department of Speed Startup's interface are welcomed.

Speed Startup was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on February 12th, 2015
Speed Startup - Speed Startup will help you clean up the computer by finding, identifying, and handling startup itemsSpeed Startup - The Startup Items Cleaning section of the application will allow users to choose between an easy as well as a better way to clean their PCsSpeed Startup - Users will be able to select the level of cleaning by simply dragging a sliderSpeed StartupSpeed StartupSpeed StartupSpeed StartupSpeed Startup