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An easy to use application that enables you to view the live feed from your webcam, take instant snapshots and save them to your computer

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Camera View is a reliable application that enables you to view the live image captured by your webcam, into a small window on your desktop. Not only can you view what the live feed from your webcam looks like, but you may also take snapshots, then save them on your computer.

Take snapshots with your webcam

The wbcam is generally created to help you send live video feed through dedicated conference programs. However, like any camera that can process video and imaging feed, so can the webcam capture snapshots, with the right equipment.

Camera View offers you the possibility to view the image captured by your webcam, as well as save snapshots. The software only allows you to save still images, with a fixed resolution, in JPEG format. Simply select the desired folder, choose a name, then save the file. The image quality depends entirely on your webcam technical specifics and the light conditions.

Lightweight application

Camera View is a portable, lightweight software that does not require installation. Simply run it on your computer and select one of the available webcam devices. The software can quickly detect all the specific webcams connected to the computer via USB. Just select the one you wish to use, then wait for the live feed to appear on the screen.

The software can render a rather small view of the camera capture, meaning 640 x 480 pixels. You cannot resize the window or select a higher resolution. The pictures match the window resolution and you cannot choose a different size for them either.

Webcam turned into a camera

Camera View offers you a simple utility that you can use in numerous occasions, taking snapshots of the live feed from your webcam. The lightweight application enables you to use your webcam as if it were any other image capturing device, and save the images directly onto your computer, in the desired folder.

Camera View was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 27th, 2014
Camera View - Camera View is a simple to use application that enables you to view the webcam capture and take snapshots.

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